Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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All photos from Pottermore.com

This week saw the first public previous for the highly anticipated play by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. The opening show is July 30th and the previews script is on sale from July 31st - Harry's and J.K. Rowling's birthday! I'm happy to say I am lucky enough to be seeing the play in August - So wait for a non-spoiler review then! 

However last week we have been treated and got some teaser images of some of the cast in the play! This is exciting as we get a chance to see what they look like in their roles and all I can say is that overall I'm really impressed by the cast and how they look in these promotional photos.

*I am one of these people who don't care that they have cast Hermione as a woman of colour. They will have picked the best person to play the part and to me, this is more important for a true experience than the colour of her skin. *

My one disappointment with these images were the lack of movement. With GIFs and video advertisements and previews increasingly popular on social networks the company behind the publicity for this play could have done what we all want to see in our lives since reading the first book - moving pictures. 

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First up we have our first glimpse at three members of the Potter Family. Harry is being played by Jamie Parker and doesn't he just look great? Harry is an overworked member of the Ministry of Magic so the suit is obviously not his day-to-day wear. He has a slight haunted and tired look to his face - one weary of what the future will bring for himself and his family. 

Sam Clemmett is Albus Severus Potter and looks as though he is nervous, unsure and scared at what life will hold for him. Will he follow his family into Gryffindor or will he be like one of his namesakes - a brave and just Slytherin? With a family legacy to uphold and the names of two of arguably Hogwart's greatest it appears that Albus will struggle with a lot of internal struggles as well as that around him. 

Poppy Miller is our beautiful Ginny. The asymmetrical bob and homely Weasley charm makes me believe that she will be very supportive of her family in their struggles and always willing to help them through it all. An ex-professional Chaser she appears to still have the grit and determination to do anything her mind sets out to do. 

Overall I personally think they look amazing. Poppy is already showing that Ginny is a hands on mother where Jamie is telling us that Harry might not be as involved in his family as he would like to be. 

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Paul Thornley is our ginger fox - Ron. Ginger as a hair colour doesn't just suddenly go grey it fades slowly and I think that the designers for the play have got it spot on with the colour he is sporting. Never a fan of his mother's jumpers it now appears that Ron is happy to wear them - with his atypical sense of style clashing those colours looking all casual yet ready for business. 

Noma Dumezweni is Hermione who looks like she will not take whatever rubbish you are about to spew her way. Cool, collected and formidable she has a sense of style that is the complete opposite of Dolores Umbridge's pink. Loving her family and not wanting to let them go it shows Hermione's softer side where her independence and love of her muggle-born roots is evident in keeping her last name Granger. 

Rose is played by Cherrelle Skeete who couldn't be happier at going to Hogwarts. Like her Mum it appears that she has the brains to be one of the brightest and most successful in her year. Not burdened by finding her place in the world or a last name steeped in wizarding lore she is ready to take her place in the world. 

I love the look of this family dynamic. Rose as read in the final chapter of The Deathly Hallows, takes after her mother yet has an element of fun and humour garnered from her Dad. The double barrel name says that the family are one with neither name to be lost in the depth of history - allowing Rose to shine in her own right. 
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It appears the pressures of the wizarding world go as far as the final characters revealed to the public. Draco Malfoy and his son Scorpius. Anthony Boyle plays Scorpius and it appears he too is unsure where he lies within his family. Not so scared as Albus he looks into the camera unsure of who he is and what place he has in his family. His fathers hand on his shoulder seems to hold him back - keep him in the fold. But am I just reading too much into this?

Alex Price is Draco and hasn't he aged well? Formidable and menacing it appears Draco may not wholly have escaped the families legacy of being death eaters. His arm remains covered - hiding from view a certain dark mark. His clothing looks expensive and unruffled. The family legacy is somewhat intact. He has an image to maintain and my golly is he striving to keep it. 

They have an air about them - it is probably the blonde hair dye - that says that they may cause some trouble. Presumably Draco will be working at the Ministry alongside Harry. What trouble do they hold? I can't wait to see!

Gosh, I'm really excited now. What about you? What did you think of the cast and did they miss a trick with the photos? And remember to #KeepTheSecrets


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