Summer Ninja Book Swap

The Ninja Book Swap is a book blogger, book swap. Hosted by and this is a chance for bloggers to connect and swap their favourite books. 

So this is the first swap I have taken part in and it was great fun seeing who I am giving books too and the anticipation of receiving books in return and who from!

So I sent away two packages, one in the UK and one all the way to the US! They should be fairly easy too guess who they were from!

One day I got home, and to my surprise there was a package waiting for me! AS you can imagine it was opened very quickly (so quickly, no pictures were taken!) It was from Ellie at Curiosity killed the Bookworm, and yes I forgive the pink bag! She got me not one, not two but THREE books! (VERY gobsmacked!) Some Eton Mess chocolate and a "I solemnly swear I am up too no good" pendant. The card was also gorgeous, have no idea how she knew Tigger was my favourite character from Winnie the Pooh. (Fate maybe?)

So into the books, 
-"You're the one that I want" by Giovanna Fletcher
-"The Woken Gods" by Gwenda bond
-"Valkyrie Rising" by Ingrid Paulson

"The Woken Gods" was a huge surprise and it really does look like something i'll read! 

I really do encourage anyone to get involved! To see other swaps and get more information click here.

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