We are two bloggers located in the North-East of Scotland who are keen readers and movie watchers. We decided to start this, as we would regularly help point others too new books and thought "Hey, why don't we do it on the internet?", and after much deliberation on the name, Read Between the Scenes was born.

Talia is in her late teens and enjoys reading a vast array of books, from "Chick-Lits" to "Supernatural YA" and can often be found searching for that next book while counting what pennies she has left. She is also a big fan of Superhero and Disney movies and always strives too see the next one that's out. Talia hopes to be studying to be a journalist soon and hopes that writing these reviews, will help improve her style and coherence of writing. So all thoughts are welcomed! Talia can also be found on NetGalley and Goodreads, reviewing more books, looking out for that next star book, and admiring the pretty covers, that she wished she owned.

Emma is also in her late teens brings a very personal and engaging review style to the blog. She also enjoys an array of different genres, whether it is "Paranormal/Supernatural"or "Psychological" to "Chick-lit romance", she is quite happy to give any book a chance, but often will get distracted or bored sometimes by complicated plot-lines or lack of plot, leading to many books remaining unfinished. Emma is more of a movie watcher who loves Disney movies. She also likes to see movies from books, and enjoys picking out where they differ. Emma has been studying 3D computer animation this last year and is looking forward to see where she will go next.

Both of us can be contacted using the email address below, if you are emailing a specific writer please put their name in the subject bar.


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